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ATTENTION: The City of Chester will begin immobilizing vehicles with outstanding parking ticket fines and fees in accordance with City Ordinance.

For more details about the new system, CLICK HERE

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The August CPA Board Meeting is scheduled for this Thursday, June 18, 2022 .

Dispute Ticket

If you feel you were wrongfully ticketed, Chester offers an easy way to contest your ticket. Please call 484-480-4423 and a customer service representative will assist you. Please file your appeal within 15 days to avoid late fees.


Parking Starts Here
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The City seeks to more fully integrate the components of its Parking Meter/Kiosk System.  The City believes that an integrated management solution will assist in the ability to influence parking behavior to accomplish our goals. The City also seeks to ensure the timely payment of citations and a better system to increase payment compliance.

Mobile Payments

Chester utilizes The Pango Mobile App for a quick and convenient way to pay for parking. Click or tap to find out more. 

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