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The New Chester Parking Program

To view the list of Chester City Traffic Codes and infraction fines, click here.

What about parking tickets issued under the old system?

The City has changed parking processing vendors as of May 1st, 2019.  Any parking ticket issued on or after May 1st can be paid in person at Chester City Hall, on-line by clicking the Pay Parking Ticket icon or visiting to make a web payment.

Any ticket issued before May 1st, please read the ticket for payment instructions.

Meter Rates:

First two Quarters = 15 minutes per Quarter

1 Dime = 7.5 minutes

1 Nickel = 2.5 minutes


Paying with Card:

$1.00 = 30 minutes (default value / minimum allowed with credit card payment)

.50 cents = additional 15 minutes (press button to add time in 15 min. increments for a max time of two hours).

Where is the new Chester management parking office located?

Our office will be located at Chester City Hall, 1 E 4th Street, Chester, PA 19013


City Hall is open from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm Monday through Friday.

How much do I have to pay for meter parking and how can I pay for it?

Meter rates are as follows (except at Talen stadium on event days):

$2.00 per hour


All Chester meters will accept coins, major credit cards or pay by using your phone (via pay-by-phone app).
Pango is our pay-by-phone provider and you will be allowed to setup an account with them, details including web link will soon be available on the city’s website.

What are the hours parking meters are in effect?

Parking meters are in effect:


  • Monday through Thursday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm

  • Friday until 9:00pm and Saturday from 8:00am to 9:00pm


There is no charge for parking during evenings, Sundays and on some holidays as determined by the City.

Which Holidays are not enforced during the year?

The full list of dates (2021 - 2022), where the Chester Parking Program is not enforced, can be viewed here.

Can I get a parking ticket at a meter if I don’t pay?

Yes - once the new Chester parking program officially begins. However, existing meters in the downtown area will continue to operate and be enforced.

I live in a residential neighborhood. Is there going to be a residential permit parking program in my neighborhood?

Since the mid 1980’s there has been a residential parking permit (RPP) ordinance that provides residents with permits to park during the day without fear of being ticketed in designated area/zones.

The Chester Parking Authority is enhancing this program to preserve the quality of life in residential neighborhoods.  Selected on-street parking spaces will be designated for the exclusive use of nearby residents to insulate them from an unreasonable burden in gaining access to their homes.  Residents that live on regulated streets will be eligible to receive permits.

Residential permit parking program guidelines are provided below:


  • RPP program will only be valid in certain areas/zones in the City designated by posted signs on regulated blocks. If you see a sign on your street, you should register for the RPP program.


  • Effective days/hours are Monday through Sunday, 9:00 am to 9:00pm, except for City-designated holidays.


  • RPP applications can be submitted in-person at the CPA office located in City Hall. (A web portal will soon be available for online enrollment.)


  • RPP permits are valid for one (1) year and will need to be renewed annually. The permit fee is waived for first year.


  • Guest permits will be free and available upon request, as outlined below.


  • RPP registration or permits will not be issued to residents who have not satisfied outstanding city debt or have two (2) or more unpaid parking tickets within the household.


  • There is a limit of two (2) permits per household.

What are the eligibility requirements for obtaining a resident parking permit in Chester?

Your vehicle must display Pennsylvania license plates and be registered and insured at your Chester home address.


You must be able to provide proof of residency in one of the forms listed below:


  • Drivers license

  • Copy of lease (in your name)

  • Recent utility bill (in your name)


Residents who lease or rent must present a copy of the current rental/lease agreement for the qualifying address stating the applicant’s name as the tenant.

When will the Chester resident parking permit program begin?

RPP signs have been installed on regulated block faces in Zone 1 (in the Nova Vista neighborhood). Signs in Zones 2 (the Sun Hill Neighborhood) and 3 (the Washington Park neighborhood) are in he process of being installed.

RPP applications are being processed by the CPA; and enforcement of the regulated block faces will begin soon after the signs are installed.


Resident permit parking applications will be available and accepted two weeks prior to the program start date.

What if I live in an RPP Zone and am expecting visitors?

Call 484.480.4423 and leave a message providing your visitor’s plate number and the duration of your visitor’s stay.

What if I live in an RPP Zone and am planning an event with multiple guest vehicles attending?

Call 484.480.4423 and leave a message with the Address/Dates/Times of the event so that CPA can relax enforcement during your event.

If I get a ticket how can I pay it?

There are several ways to pay for your parking ticket:


  • Pay by mail

  • In-person at city hall

  • Online through our parking website

  • Over the phone

How long do I have to pay my ticket?

A ticket must be paid within 15 days in order to avoid delinquent penalties.


How can I appeal a ticket?

You have the right to appeal a ticket and we have created a process that allows for speedy resolution.

You can request a ticket investigation if you believe your ticket was issued in error.  You may do this via the phone, in-person or online, which will allow the Chester parking program to begin to determine if your complaint is valid.


You have 15 days to ask for a hearing or register a complaint investigation.


For every ticket issued, we have detailed meter information, pictures of the vehicle, signs and other necessary information that supports the issuing of a parking ticket. We will check our information and if we find the ticket was issued in error, it will be dismissed and we will send you a letter or email, if you provided us with your email address.


If, after our investigation, we determine your ticket was issued correctly, then you have the right to appeal this decision. The city of Chester will hear your appeal and make the final decision. The new Chester parking staff will not be involved in the hearing or final outcome of the appeal other than to supply any supporting materials required for the hearing.


You will be able to schedule a hearing via our website, over the phone or walk into the parking management office located at city hall. walk-in hearings maybe available if hearing staff are available.

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